Freestanding DIY Pallet Herb Garden

I’ve seen a lot of pallet herb garden projects floating around pinterest and the DIY blogs, but this freestanding herb garden from is one of the nicest builds around.  Basically, they took a good quality, kiln dried pallet and added a base with wheels, so you can move the garden around.  This is the first mobile herb garden I’ve seen, which is my favorite feature.  You can see they removed 3 of the boards on the front side, so you can get to the herbs.  From what I can tell, they used weed blocker fabric to hold the herb plants in the pallet slots.  Personally, I would nail a block of scrap wood in the bottom of each slot, to provide a more stable bottom for the herbs to sit on.  But aside from that, this is a really nice project and just about anyone can built one with just a few materials and no big tools to speak of.  Check out the full tutorial here.  

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