Donut Bars Are Major Party Hits

donut bar stand

Chances are if you’ve been to a wedding or birthday party in the last year, you were witness to one of the most amazing culinary displays known to mankind.  THE DONUT BAR!.  Stacks and stacks of chocolate sprinkles, old fashioned, glazed, maple, strawberry and the list goes on.  Who needs wedding cake or even cupcakes for that matter when given the option of this sugary breakfast treat?  Let’s face it, if you want your next event to be a massive hit, stack up as many donuts as you can on a couple of these custom donut bar stands, and watch the drool start flowing (ok that was kind of gross).  We just added these donut stands to our shop and they’re perfect for a weddings, birthday parties, breakfast bars, football game get togethers or any party.   Available in all colors and built to order.  Visit our Etsy shop to see for yourself.

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