DIY Wedding Photo Pallet Collage

wood pallet wedding photo collage

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Finding a way to creatively display photos at a wedding venue can be challenging.  Often there just isn’t a good wall or area to show off your pictures and if you’re planning a rustic style wedding, you’ll probably want to avoid the standard “slideshow” that you see at every other wedding.  Well once again it’s pallet’s to the rescue.  Is there anything you can’t make with a pallet? Seriously?.  This wedding photo collage pallet is about as simple as it gets.  You’ll need a pallet that’s in good structural condition and a collection of picture frames, preferably different sizes and styles.  Aside from that, you can get as creative as you want.  Your biggest expense is going to be the frames obviously, and whatever other decor you want to add to the pallet.  Industrial strength velcro is going to be your best bet for fixing the frames to the pallet.  Once it’s done, you can prop it up against a wall or other object.  If you’re feeling really daring, use some some boards from another pallet to build a stand that holds it up from behind.

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