DIY Reclaimed Wood Rope Sign

I love making old, vintage looking signs and this rustic reclaimed wood rope sign is one that just about anyone can do. This project will literally take you an hour or two at the most and only requires a few simple materials.  You’ll need to find a few old boards that are in good condition.  These can be old cedar fence boards, or if you’re lucky enough to have a barn, a few pieces that may have been replaced or been taken down.  You can always use some new boards and stain/paint them the color of your choice. The size of the boards you use will depend on the word you want to spell.  This Love sign is about 3 feet wide.  Other than the wood, you’ll need some heavy rope/twine, chalk, hot glue gun and a cordless drill. Sketch the word on your board with the chalk to get your layout spaced properly.  Then use your hot glue gun to trace the chalk letters with glue.  Work with one letter at a time and place your rope over your glue in small sections so it doesn’t dry before you get the rope on.  Glue your the rest of your word on and install optional saw tooth hangers on the back for hanging, or even add some decorative hardware for some extra pop.

See the full Reclaimed Wood Rope Sign instructions here. 

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