DIY Leather Belt & Wood Shelf

belt wood shelf

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This is the first time I’ve seen this type of DIY shelving unit, but I was very impressed and completely sold on the leather and wood combination.  The most cost prohibitive part of this project is going to be the leather belts, as they tend to be expensive when purchased new (tip: you can find some decent priced belts at Amazon that will do the job).  Once you have the belt part covered, you only need a couple of shelf boards, which you can buy and stain/paint yourself, or even buy pre-finished at Home Depot etc.  My one tip for hanging these leather & wood shelf units;  make sure you get strong drywall hangers and screw the belt into those.  You don’t want this crashing down with all of your stuff and possibly hurting anyone.

See How To Make The DIY Leather Belt & Wood Shelf

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