Build Your Own AC Unit Cover

diy ac unit cover

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I don’t know about you, but one thing that drives me crazy about most backyards is the unsightly air conditioning unit that always seems to be placed in the most obvious location on the property. It’s like the contractors don’t think for one second about placing the unit in a less visible corner of the house or side yard.  Anyway, there are some great options for hiding that ugly grey box with an easy to construct cover.  If this is a project you’ve been considering, here’s a great guide to get you started with a couple ideas and a little inspiration.  You can use reclaimed wood, lattice, manufactured materials like Trex or even pallets. I found a site that has some more great ways to take your back yard to the next level.  Check out if you get a minute.  You’ll love all of the yard ideas and gadget reviews.

Ok back to this project. keep in mind that you should always allow for enough air flow over and around your ac cover.  And leave enough space for the unit to be serviced, or make one of your enclosure sides removable, so a repair man can get to the air conditioner.

Build Your Own AC Unit Cover

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