10 Beautiful Rustic Serving Trays

Rustic serving trays have become extremely popular as coffee table centerpieces in recent years, but they don’t have to be just for show.  A quality serving tray can be amazingly functional and a nice touch for serving drinks at a backyard party or barbecue. Because they’re not overly complex to build, you can find some beautiful trays for well under the $50 dollar mark.  Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite rustic serving trays.  Let us know which one is your favorite.

Rustic Wood Coffee Table Serving Tray - Large

This tray is absolutely beautiful! It is a one of a kind Handmade Planks & Paint Custom Design. Made from reclaimed rustic pallet / barn wood and has a strong look with the 2 inch thick sides.

Rustic Wood Coffee Table Serving Tray w/ Southern Pine Handle - XLarge

Amazing coffee table serving tray w/ southern pine handle & rope.  The distressed paint/stain make this piece look like it’s been around for 100+ years. See more.

This is a more French country looking serving tray, but the gray weathered poplar wood and antique metal handle has a simple rustic look that will work with almost any decor. Available from Whole House Worlds. 

This light colored tray is made from Mango wood and has a carved tree motive in the bottom.  Handles are incorporated right into the sides for easy serving.  Available from Store Indya

These trays by Artemano are amazing.  Each tray is one-of-a-kind and will exhibit differences in colors, textures and markings. Strong & elegant.  These will look great on an ottoman, coffee table or a picnic table.

rustic barnwood serving tray

This is a traditional barn wood/reclaimed serving tray with square corners and simple metal handles.  Great colors and a perfect size for serving. Built by BarnwoodUSA

knotty pine divided serving tray

This is a unique serving tray made from knotty pine and an antique finish create an earthy, raw, and edgy style.  You don’t traditionally see serving trays with the divided sections, which is why we like this one a lot.  Extremely functional and stylish.  Made by Dwellbee

hand carved serving tray

This rectangular wooden tray is hand carved out of beautiful mango wood, & is made with a sturdy and durable frame. This tray can be utilized for for anything from serving coffee, tea to finger foods at parties.  Available from Store Indya

serving tray with pipe handles

photo credit: etsy.com

This tray is so cool.  Very simple wood design with no sides as most traditional serving trays have, but the iron pipe handles make this tray 100% unique

If you’re looking to give a special wedding or engagement gift, this serving tray is absolutely perfect.  Made from sturdy 2x material and antique handles, with hand painted lettering.  These are custom made by Amber’s Wooden Botique

rustic serving tray with rope handles

image credit: http://www.jbwooddesigns.co.uk/

Simple and elegant, this tray is perfect for a casual dinner on the sofa, breakfast in bed or serving with a touch of rustic charm.

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